Bobby Cleveland Park at Lakeshore Park on the Ross Barnett Reservoir


  • ELECTRICITY & WATER are available in the Merchant area and included in your fee. You must bring your own extension cords and hose connections. There are limited 30 & 50 amp hookups in the food merchant area.
  • SECURITY will be provided during festival operating hours. The Reservoir Police Dept will have their command center RV parked on site beginning on Thursday afternoon. There will be festival staff camping on-site but we are not responsible for your merchandise. It is however a very secure location.
  • VEHICLES and cargo trailers may be parked directly BEHIND your booth during the Fest BUT you may not drive out during Fest hours. If you need to leave during opening times you would need to park outside the gates in the staff lot.
  • SALES TAXES will be collected from you at the end of the Festival and paid on your behalf to the Dept. of Revenue. Cash or Check. Make your Check Payable to CelticFest Mississippi. Sales Tax in Brandon, Mississippi is 7% for Merchandise Shops and 9% for Food Merchants. Bring your forms & Payment to the CelticFest Merchandise Booth near the Main Stage BEFORE YOU LEAVE. If you do not pay your taxes at the end of the show your name will be sent to the MS Dept of Revenue and there may be late fees assessed. You may not be accepted to vend with us the following year.
  • CAMPING: RV or Tent Camping is available on the grounds and is a flat fee for the weekend of $50 for RVs including electricity and $25 for Tents. There are some RV hookups for electricity and water with a dump station near the entrance. There are no shower facilities onsite. The park is not a campground but rather an overflow to the campground next door to use for emergencies. Merchants may also camp behind their booth.
  • SET UP/TEAR DOWN– We are a three day event. Preferred set up is on Thursday with spots available between 12pm and 8pm. Option 2 is Friday morning between 7am-9am OR by Approval ONLY on Friday between 9am-3pm. Tear down is at 5pm on Sunday. NO EARLY TEAR DOWNS. If you sell out you may post a SOLD OUT sign but your tent must remain up until 5pm. PREPARE FOR WEATHER. We are a Rain or Shine event.

All merchants MUST have a Tent or Food Truck. You should have Tent Walls. Depending on weather be prepared to set up either on grass or pavement. Grass will be the default set up for Merchandise Shops and pavement for Food Merchants. You may NOT stake your tent if you’re on pavement so bring tent weights.


  • 100% Handmade/Artisan Booth 10×10 $100 (ALL items must be handmade by you)
  • Merchandise Booth 10×10 $175
  • Merchandise Booth 10×20 $225
  • Merchandise Booth 20×20 $300
  • Merchandise Booth 20×30 $350
  • Merchandise Booth 20×40 $450
  • Full Service Food Merchant$300
  • Specialty Food Merchant $150 ie Coffee, Desserts, etc.

No Refunds if you don’t show up. We turn away merchants when we reserve your space.

Merchant Liability Insurance is available through ACT Insurance. Artists, Crafters & Tradesmen HERE