Once upon a time, we had another website which was also It still exists in the ether and on occasion someone will stumble on it. THIS page is copied from that old site (18+ years old!) Use it as a trip down memory lane. Fair warning-many of the links are no longer active. Someday we’ll update them but not today!

Celtic Festivals and venues:
Austin Celtic Festival, Austin TX
Celtic Heritage Festival, Bedford TX
Celtic Nations Festival, New Orleans LA
Clanjamfry, Memphis TN
Little Rock Folk Club, Little Rock AR
North Texas Irish Festival, Dallas TX
Northeast Louisiana Celtic Festival, Monroe LA
Fenian’s Irish Pub, Jackson, MS
Enoch’s Irish Pub, Monroe, LA
Finnegan’s Wake, Alexandria, LA
Alabama Celtic Association
Louisiana Celtic Society
Southwest Celtic Music Association

Gaelic Language:
Celtic music Performer pages:
Betsy McGovern
Beyond the Pale
Bounds Street
Liz Carroll and John Doyle
Brian Conway
Liz Doherty
Father of Waters Pipes and Drums
Jim Flanagan
The Fuchsia Band
Paddy Keenan
James Kelly
Brendan Nolan
Patsy O’Brien

Robbie O’Connell
Danny O’Flaherty
Smithfield Fair
Spirits of the House
The Tea Merchants
John Williams
Celtic Music pages:
Ceolas Celtic Music Archive
Dirty Linen Magazine
Irish Tune Info
Irish Music Magazine Matching-Grant Funding:The Mississippi Arts Commission (MAC)
The National Endowment for the Arts (NEA)
The Southern Arts Federation (SAF)
Irish dance pages:
Birmingham Irish Set Dancers
Jackson Irish Dancers
McTeggart School of Irish Dance
Muggivan School of Irish Dance
Nashville Irish Dancers of Birmingham
New Orleans Comhaltas Dancers
Scott-Ellis School of Irish Dance

Guide to Irish Dance NEW 2024 with thanks to Annie & Payton from Harrison Park Community Center in Illinois (one of those lucky few who stumbled on the old site and reached out to us!)
Of Interest:
The Clarion Ledger
Jackson Convention and Visitors Bureau
Mississippi Public Broadcasting
Ceili Album, by Steve Farmer, photographer
Doras – Directory of Irish Info
The Irish Times
The Belfast Telegraph
National Public Radio
Ponchatoula Times
Fenian’s Irish Pub
Albert Alfonso’s drums
Celtic Nations World
Bill Petersen’s handmade stringed instruments
Karen Nichols Celtic Art site
Mad For Trad Irish music info and sales