Vendor Village & Clan Booths for 2019


Clan MacLeod

The roots of Clan MacLeod are in the Highlands and Islands of northwestern Scotland. Since the days of Leod in the 13th century, it has grown to be a worldwide clan with active societies in ten countries. The Clan MacLeod Society, USA and its sister societies provide a vehicle to communicate and strengthen the bonds of fellowship in our farflung family—people of the name MacLeod (however spelled), families with names long associated with the Clan (see our list of “Septs”), and MacLeod descendants under other surnames, as well as friends with an interest in the rich heritage of the Clan MacLeod.

Clan Gregor

Clan Gregor or Clan MacGregor is a Highland Scottish clan dating back to the early 800s. The clan’s most famous member is the legendary Rob Roy MacGregor of the late 17th and early 18th centuries. The Clan is also known to have been among the first families of Scotland to begin playing the bagpipes in the early 17th century. At its height, the Clan Gregor had held a great deal of land in Glen Orchy, Glenlochy, Glengyle, Glenlyon, and Glenstrae. According to Iain Moncreiffe, the MacGregors were descended from an ancient Celtic royal family, through the Abbots of Glendochart. This is alluded to in the clan’s motto: “Royal is my race”. 

Clan Skene

Organized as the Clan Skene Association, we are here to cultivate fellowship among members of the Clan, helping them to keep in touch and draw strength and friendship from each other based on our common roots.
     Skene is a name from the Northeast of Scotland.  Most who carry the name probably share a common ancestry, but the name may have passed in early days to others associated with Skene leaders or landlords. “Skene”, often spelled in different ways, is the same word as “sgian”, the Gaelic word for a dagger or knife.  Similarities can be seen in the Arabic translation, “sikina”, and in the Hebrew translation, “sakeen”.
     So, why is the family called “dagger”?  The place called Skene, still a parish today, probably carried the name before there were people “de skene” which means “of Skene”.  The dagger may have symbolized the dedication of the church to John the Baptist, whose head was cut off with one.

Clan MacBean

Clan MacBean started when Dougal Dall, 7th Chief of Clan Chattan (pronounce Hattan) gave his daughter, Eva, heiress to his Chieftainship of Clan Chattan, in marriage to Angus MackIntosh, the 6th Chief of Clan MackIntosh in 1291. One of our ancestors came with Eva as part of her family that moved with her when she married. It was custom that a new heiress would bring a following of her own kinsmen with her to her new married home. Her father was from the Royal family of Loern of the Ancient Celtic Kingdom of Dal Riad and this was also the family that Bean Macdhomhil Mor came from. “Bean” means lively one and “mor” means great. Our Lands were located on the south side of Loch Ness. There are several notible family groups, such as the MacBeans of Faillie, the MacBeans of Tomatin, the MacBeans of Pittanie, and the MacBeans of Kinchyle. It is the MacBeans of Kinchyle that the Chieftainship is passed through to our present Chief, James McBain of McBain – 22nd Chief of Clan MacBean.

Alphabetical listing of Vendors

The Argyll Collection

With their unique custom made capes and Cosplay costumes as well as T-shirts and jewelry, we’re happy to welcome The Argyll Collection to CelticFest.


A collective of local artists offering one of a kind pieces at CelticFest MS. ArtiZen came to be when one artist wanted to share her market space with others so the load might be shared as well and other artists could promote their talents. We try to keep our horizons broad with many types of art.

Balangra Crochet

From Florence,MS we’re happy to have Balangra joining us again! They were a true favourite last year! Mixing the fun with the practical in handmade original designs.

Balloon Magic

For a little fun this year we’re happy to have Dane the Balloon Man! He’ll be creating fun balloon designs and works for tips! Treat him well y’all!

Bridget Fainne Jewelry

This St. Louis based Jewelry artist specializes in turning upcycled items into ONE OF A KIND pieces. We’re thrilled to introduce you to Bridget Fainne Jewelry!

Celtic Folly Gifts

From Madison, Mississippi, Celtic Folly Gifts returns for a second year with Celtic jewelry & key chains, exclusive T-Shirt designs, magnets, toy swords & axes, Bodhráns & Tin Whistles as well as decor. A little bit of everything!

The Celtic Store

Happy to welcome back long time CelticFest favorite Rick Sainz and The Celtic Store!

Celtic Exchange

Pleased to have Danny & Celtic Exchange back for 2019. We missed them last year and are happy our new Spring dates work in their crazy, busy schedule! Celtic jewelry and crafts from Ireland, Scotland, Wales and Cornwall – including from American craftspeople celebrating their Celtic heritage

Celtic Fashions-Midwest

“When we opened our doors in 1989, we were a small Celtic Clothing company with lofty goals. Through hard work, superior talent, unmatched standards and the greatest Scottish, Irish and Celtic designs we’ve become the leader in the Celtic Apparel business!”

Cups, An Espresso Cafe

When Janice and Dennis Cameron bought Cups in 1993, it was just one little cafe. But when people in the area started seeing the community being built inside Cups, they got excited and knew they needed one in their neighborhood. Over the last 26 years, we’ve had the honor of opening a total of 11 Cups locations across Mississippi. And they have mobile Cups as well! We’re honored to have Cups as a Sponsor AND a vendor this year . Before the Fest, make sure you go get an Irish Cream this month and check out the CelticFest MS stickers on the cups!

Dave’s Party Pals

Dave’s Party Pals is a mobile petting zoo from Rankin Co., MS. We’re thrilled they’ll be at CelticFest again this year with Marilyn & and her baby Eleanor the Highland Coos and maybe a few other sweet pals! Check them out on FB. @davespartypals

Dreams of Fancy Gifts

From Madison, MS we’re pleased to introduce you to Dreams of Fancy. Dreams is a true family affair specializing in handpainted journals and sketchbooks, one of a kind Chainmaille sculptures and dragon eggs. Fun!

Fenian’s Pub

Established in November 1996, Fenian’s Pub & Restaurant is locally owned and operated. Dedicated to the celebration of Irish and Celtic heritage and history. Fenian’s & CelticFest MS have LONG been partners and we’re so grateful to have them leave the Pub to come offer some of the best traditional Irish food you’re ever going to have!

G’s Kettle Corn

From Mendenhall, MS we’re happy to welcome back G’s Kettle Corn for a second year at CelticFest. Ginger & Gary started this as a retirement project and we’re reaping the benefits! All we really need to say is Yum!

Hamish’s Kitchen

The Frying Scotsman returns! Haggis, Scotch Eggs and more. Can you handle the Haggis?

Michael Hayman Handmade Celtic Jewelry

CelticFest was one of the first shows Michael did when he first started making jewelry over 20 years ago and we are thrilled to reintroduce his gorgeous designs to you again. Michael is based in Louisiana and has been a regular artist at Chimneyville as a member of the Mississippi Craftsman’s Guild.

Henderson’s Hearth

Louisiana bases Henderson’s Hearth offer traditional Celtic recipes for soup mixes, baking mixes and jams- inspired by Celtic heritage but made for your busy family to bring a little old fashioned comfort food back into our lives! We tried to nab them last year but the schedule didn’t work out- so excited to introduce them to you in 2019!

Holy Heck USA

Returning for their second year with CelticFest, we know you’ll appreciate the quality of Holy Heck USA’s products. “We believe that every kilt deserves an unforgettable kilt belt. With a bold approach to kilt fashion, we make modern kilt belts, sporrans and other kilt accessories designed for today’s kilt wearer.All of our leather products are meticulously hand built utilizing full grain leather from American companies. Our exceptional quality and beautifully constructed leather products are each individually hand made by us, in the Holy Heck leather shop in Boise, Idaho, USA.”

House of Douglas Bakery

The Irish Collection

We’re happy to welcome back Peter Townsend’s Irish Collection in 2019. While you wait personalized Irish Blessings, Coat of Arms & Last Name History Prints & Apparel, Children’s First Name Meaning Prints, Irish Fashion Jewelry and much more!

Kiltman Kilts

The best in contemporary kilts, the greatest pockets in the world, home of the Kiltman Exchange, and the internet’s top promoter of the ethic of masculinity. We’re excited to welcome Weston, MO based Kiltman back again this year. Got Kilt?

The Oratory

Based in Louisiana, Randy Pierce specializes in handcrafted wooden crosses, signs and trays created from reclaimed materials found in dumpsters and job site trash piles. Each piece is uniquely designed trash/treasures. “Over fifty years ago my father instilled within me the joy of creating as he taught me woodworking.” You are going to be amazed!

Pensey Designs

Back for their second year, Pensey Designs is another Mississippi based artist specializing in wooden decorations (crosses, ornaments, and signs) inspired by the designs and ideas of our Celtic heritage.  All our products are made locally in Mississippi and capture the rich craft traditions found throughout our state.

Red Stripe Grill –

Get your grilled Angus Burgers and Shepard’s Pie but don’t delay because Red Stripe will only be serving up these taste explosions on Friday Night!

Scotland Farms Highland Coo Burgers

The organizers of the Minden Tartan Festival in Louisiana are once again going to provide some tasty Highland Coo burgers! What’s a “Coo Burger”? It’s a burger made from the beef of a Scottish breed called a Highland Cow. Highland Beef is significantly lower in fat and cholesterol, and higher in protein and iron than any other beef! Our burgers are made with Highland Beef from Scotland Farms of Minden, Louisiana.

Don’t forget TartanFest is the Saturday after CelticFest MS and a super fun event!

Southern Farms

Returning to CelticFest for 2019 is Southern Farms- your chance to see Sheep & lambs up close. This year you’ll also have an opportunity to take a ride on this lovely horse, Apples! Southern Farm is a small family owned farm (mostly) run by Tiffany A. Menard, located in Perkinston, MS. They are open to the public by appointment for fee-based activities such as sheepdog demos and training seminars, horse rides, and birthday parties. People come from all over the United States to attend the sheepdog training seminars held on their beautiful farm. Please feel free to look up Southern Farm on Facebook or call/text at 228-236-6121 to schedule an event.

Steel Magnolia Handcrafted Jewelry

This Union, MS jewelry artist is new to CelticFest this year. Her pieces will include celtic inspired designs with sea glass from Scotland!

The UK Market

From way up in Michigan, we’re pleased to introduce you to The UK Market- originators of the Welsh Cookie Company. “We currently attend over 40 Celtic Festivals annually across the Eastern half of the US, bringing Welsh Cakes and various other goodies with us.”

World’s Finest Food

From the beginning of CelticFest MS all those years ago, Mr. Glover has been feeding the masses! We’re always happy to have him return because we need Fried Oreos- just sayin’!