Kindred Spirits Whisky Tasting INFO

Kindred Spirits Whisky Tasting

March 30, 2019  5:00-8:00 pm

MS Ag & Forestry Museum- Ethnic Heritage Building

$20 for 15 Coupons 

$40 for 35 Coupons

This event is sponsored by Wine & Spirits in the Quarter to raise funds in support of CelticFest Mississippi. Kindred Spirits will run from 5:00 pm to 8:00 pm during the Festival on Saturday and will be a come and go format instead of a fixed time frame. Tickets will only be available at the door.  Credit/Debit Cards accepted 

The format for the Kindred Spirits Whisky Tasting

– Come and Go with the Kindred Spirits armband. Sample, enjoy the Festival, repeat.
– Admission good for 15 or 35  Whisky coupons
– Additional coupons are $1 each
– A wide range of Whiskies to choose from,  some in limited supply
– Whiskies cost 1 to 6 coupons
– Coupon cost based on price, not rarity. Each serving is ½ oz.
– There are several 1-coupon whiskies so don‘t worry if you‘re on a budget.
– Tickets are non-refundable.
– Must be aged 21 or older to enter. ID is required.

The Kindred Spirits Whisky Tasting enjoys the informal title as the Largest Whisky Tasting in the South, both in attendance and representation of the whiskies!

Shifting away from the sit-down format, Kindred Spirits allows the taster to build his or her own self-paced whisky tasting. Each admission receives 15 or 35 coupons to redeem for half-ounce pours. With many whiskies to choose from, pours are redeemed for one to six coupons, depending on the price of the bottle (not its rarity!). Knowledgeable experts will staff the pouring stations, and additional coupons are available for purchase at the event.

“This event has always been a great way to learn about Irish and Scottish whiskies, and a huge value for sampling high-end distillations,” says Perry Launius, one of the Kindred Spirits’ organizers. “With this format, you make your own tasting itinerary, get answers for your questions, and learn about one of the oldest surviving Celtic traditions.”

It is important to the organizers of the Kindred Spirits Tasting and of CelticFest Mississippi that participants drink responsibly. “We always encourage folks to bring a designated driver,” says Launius.

More information is also available from Wine & Spirits in the Quarter at (601) 366-6644. Questions? Send them to  

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