Clans & Vendors for 2020


Clan Gregor HONORED CLAN 2020

Motto: ‘S Rìoghail Mo Dhream

Royal is my Race

Clan Gregor or Clan MacGregor is a Highland Scottish clan dating back to the early 800s. The clan’s most famous member is the legendary Rob Roy MacGregor of the late 17th and early 18th centuries. The Clan is also known to have been among the first families of Scotland to begin playing the bagpipes in the early 17th century. At its height, the Clan Gregor had held a great deal of land in Glen Orchy, Glenlochy, Glengyle, Glenlyon, and Glenstrae. According to Iain Moncreiffe, the MacGregors were descended from an ancient Celtic royal family, through the Abbots of Glendochart.  This is alluded to in the clan’s motto: “Royal is my race”. 

A testimony to the MacGregor’s claim of lineage can be highlighted with their close interactions with other clans of the Siol Ailpin. There is also a tradition that Gregor was the son of Kenneth MacAlpin, which is supported by the Scottish historian, William Forbes Skene. But there is little evidence to support this tradition. It is possible that he might have been Griogair, son of Dungal, who was allegedly co-ruler of Alba.

Most modern historians have agreed that the first chief of Clan Gregor was Gregor of the Golden Bridles. His son was Iain Camm One Eye, who succeeded as the second chief sometime before 1390.

Clan Irwin

Motto: Sub Sole Sub Umbra Virens-

Flourish in Sunshine and Shade

The way you spell the name (over 270 ways to date) matters little! It is more important that the same Scottish Clan has existed for at least seven centuries and continues today; historic in its contribution to the nation of Scotland; central to the Scottish “Plantation of Ireland”; and impressive in the importation of culture and strength to the American colonies by the Scots and the Scots-Irish. Some claim the line reaches back to the High Kings of Ulster (Ireland) and has come unbroken to this day.

A Global Footprint
Starting in the eighteenth century we migrated to North America, the Indies and later Australia and New Zealand. Members of our clan were prominent in the Revolutionary War and have fought for their country in every war since.

Clan Skene

Motto: Virtutis Regia Merces

A Palace the Reward of Bravery

Skene is a name from the Northeast of Scotland.  Most who carry the name probably share a common ancestry, but the name may have passed in early days to others associated with Skene leaders or landlords. “Skene”, often spelled in different ways, is the same word as “sgian”, the Gaelic word for a dagger or knife.  Similarities can be seen in the Arabic translation, “sikina”, and in the Hebrew translation, “sakeen”.
     So, why is the family called “dagger”?  The place called Skene, still a parish today, probably carried the name before there were people “de skene” which means “of Skene”.  The dagger may have symbolized the dedication of the church to John the Baptist, whose head was cut off with one. The Skene crest depicts a right arm issuing from a shoulder emerging from a cloud, holding in the hand a triumphal crown. In regards to heraldry symbols, the arm represents an industrious people, someone who believes in hard work.  The clouds represent mystery and the laurel crown represents glory and victory.

Around 1217, the Skene family began construction of the central tower of the Skene Castle west of Aberdeen near the village of Lyne of Skene.  The tower was originally constructed as three arches or stories.  For security purposes, the entrance was located on the second level and was accessed with a ladder which could be pulled inside in case of an attack.  The walls were 10ft thick and the structure was covered by a mound of earth.  This structure is believed to have been the first stone and lime constructed building in the district called Mar. In 1680, Jean Burnett, Lady Skene, began renovating the tower by adding roofing and flooring allowing the structure to become known as Skene House.  A south wing was added in 1745 and the entire house underwent another remodelling between 1847 and 1850. Skene House was purchased by the Hamilton family in 1905.  Lady Hamilton passed away in 1985 and the trustees of her estate sold the house in 1995.  The current owner is Dr Nicolas Rennie.

Clan MacBean

Motto: Touch Not The Cat Bot A Targe.

Don’t mess with this cat unless you have a shield for protection against it.

Clan MacBean started when Dougal Dall, 7th Chief of Clan Chattan (pronounce Hattan) gave his daughter, Eva, heiress to his Chieftainship of Clan Chattan, in marriage to Angus MackIntosh, the 6th Chief of Clan MackIntosh in 1291. One of our ancestors came with Eva as part of her family that moved with her when she married. It was custom that a new heiress would bring a following of her own kinsmen with her to her new married home. Her father was from the Royal family of Loern of the Ancient Celtic Kingdom of Dal Riad and this was also the family that Bean Macdhomhil Mor came from. “Bean” means lively one and “mor” means great. Our Lands were located on the south side of Loch Ness. There are several notable family groups, such as the MacBeans of Faillie, the MacBeans of Tomatin, the MacBeans of Pittanie, and the MacBeans of Kinchyle. It is the MacBeans of Kinchyle that the Chieftainship is passed through to our present Chief, James McBain of McBain – 22nd Chief of Clan MacBean.

Clan Badge is a Wildcat holding a shield known as a Targe. The Clan “beastie” was the pet or charm animal that was supposed to exemplify the characteristics of the family. It is just like modern nations which have a national animal or bird and in the old days, each Clan considered itself to be a nation in its own right.

The Wildcat is also a play on the name Clan Chattan. The confederation took its name from being the followers or devotees of St. Chattan. His was a personal name meaning “Little Cat”. Being warriors, the Macbeans took the wildcat as their emblem. These were common in the Highlands. They are very tough beasties. Within modern memory, one killed an armed and experienced gamekeeper in the Highlands. Anyone seeing the wildcat should know at once we are also a part of Clan Chattan. This same cat is seen on the badges of Clan MacPherson, Clan MacIntosh, MacGillivray, and MacThomas.

Clan MacDuff

Motto: Deus juvat

God Assists

The Duffs are descended from those original Gaels who inhabited the Highlands of Scotland long before the Roman Invasion, and before the Christian era. Their ancient Gaelic name, Dhuibh, is pronounced Duff, and signifies a dark complected man with dark hair. The first Scottish Highlanders were members of the ancient German Tribes who crossed over the German Ocean and settled first on the east and north coast of the barren Island of Caledonia, later moving inland. They were of the Chauci, Cimbri, Suevi, Catti, and others, all fair complected with either red or brown hair, and of a giant stature and enormous endurance. The people of Britain and the lowlands of Scotland were originally from France and southern Europe, but the Highlanders from the beginning, kept themselves apart, and did not mingle with the lowlanders, whom they hated.

According to an old genealogical manuscript, the Duffs were Mormaers of Moray during the era of the Pictish Kings, and were also prominent in Fife and Fothriff. Strath Avon was one of their old neighborhoods, near the Cairngorm Mountains.

The first Official Record of the Thanes of Fife was in the year 838 A.D. At that time Kenneth MacAlpine, who bore the blood of both Pictish and Scots-Irish Kings in his veins, had united two warring nations under one rule in the name of Scotland. When he appointed his Governors for the several Provinces, Fifus Duffus, or Duff of Fifeshire was appointed Governor of Fifeshire.

Clan MacLeod

The roots of Clan MacLeod are in the Highlands and Islands of northwestern Scotland. Since the days of Leod in the 13th century, it has grown to be a worldwide clan with active societies in ten countries. The Clan MacLeod Society, USA and its sister societies provide a vehicle to communicate and strengthen the bonds of fellowship in our far-flung family—people of the name MacLeod (however spelled), families with names long associated with the Clan (“Septs”), and MacLeod descendants under other surnames, as well as friends with an interest in the rich heritage of the Clan MacLeod. The Progenitor of the Clan was Leod, who gained possession of much of Skye, including the Cuillins, Harris and Lewis in the mid 13th century. Later tradition claimed that he was descended from the Norse Kings of Man. Dunvegan was acquired by marriage to the MacRailt heiress and became the principle seat of the Clan where the Castle was built and developed. The Clan takes its name from Leod, whose sons were MacLeod, mac being Gaelic for son. Leod had two sons, or grandsons, Tormod, English Norman, and Torcall, English Torquil, who became progenitors of the MacLeods of Harris and Dunvegan and the MacLeods of the Lewes.

Vendor Village 2020

Listed Alphabetically

A Little Tipsy Costumes & Props

Sarita has been making and sewing costumes for her kids for over 15 years. When one of the kids attended a comic con and decided they needed props, it was time to learn a new skill. We began playing with foam and just couldn’t stop! Now we make fun things and bring them out to shows to share with others. All of the family contributes with their own unique talents.

Balangra Crochet

We’re happy to welcome back Cindy and her creations! From cute infant photoshoot costumes to Market Bags, stuffed crochet toys and of course hats & gloves! something for everyone!
The name -Balangra is an amalgam of Cindy’s grandbabies names. Check out her facebook page for more photos.

Balloon Magic

For a little fun this year we’re happy to have Dane the Balloon Man! He’ll be creating fun balloon designs and works for tips! Treat him well y’all!

This St. Louis based Jewelry artist specializes in turning upcycled items into ONE OF A KIND pieces. We’re thrilled to introduce you to Bridget Fainne Jewelry!

The Celtic Bag Co.

We’re pleased to introduce The Celtic Bag Co. to CelticFest MS. They are a small family run business who started out in the Celtic festival circuit in 2011. They design handbags with interchangeable Irish, Scottish & Celtic symbols.

Celtic Folly Gifts

From Madison, Mississippi, Celtic Folly Gifts returns with Handknit Outlander Scarves, Celtic jewelry & key chains, exclusive T-Shirt designs, magnets, toy swords & Faerie Dolls, Bodhráns & Tin Whistles as well as Chalk Paint Signs & decor. A little bit of everything!

The Celtic Store

“When we opened our doors in 1989, we were a small Celtic Clothing company with lofty goals. Through hard work, superior talent, unmatched standards and the greatest Scottish, Irish and Celtic designs we’ve become the leader in the Celtic Apparel business!”


Council for Educational Travel, USA (CETUSA) is a not-for-profit international student exchange organization coordinating exchange experiences for high school students, university students and young professionals. CETUSA is a US Department of State Exchange Visitor (J-1 visa) sponsor organization. Lisa Brecht, a CETUSA Regional Director will be at CelticFest MS this year to answer questions about the program on becoming a Host Family or sending your student to Study Abroad.

Cool Creek Highlands

Cool Creek Highlands is a family farm located in Brandon, Mississippi whose main focus is preserving heritage breeds of livestock and educating people about them. We’re thrilled to have Davis and the lassies back with us this year!

Denny Wayne’s Festive Foods

Drago’s Seafood

Welcoming back our Sponsor Drago’s who will be cooking up tasty treats including Oysters on Saturday!

Fenian’s Pub

Established in November 1996, Fenian’s Pub & Restaurant is locally owned and operated. Dedicated to the celebration of Irish and Celtic heritage and history. Fenian’s & CelticFest MS have LONG been partners and we’re so grateful to have them leave the Pub to come offer some of the best traditional Irish food you’re ever going to have!

Gin’s Kettle Corn

From Mendenhall, MS we’re happy to welcome back Gin’s Kettle Corn to CelticFest. Ginger & Gary started this as a retirement project and we’re reaping the benefits! All we really need to say is Yum!

Hamish’s Kitchen

The Frying Scotsman returns! Haggis, Scotch Eggs and more. Can you handle the Haggis?

Henderson’s Hearth

Louisiana based Henderson’s Hearth offers traditional Celtic recipes for soup mixes, baking mixes and jams- inspired by Celtic heritage but made for your busy family to bring a little old fashioned comfort food back into our lives!

J’s Jewelry & Novelties

J’s Jewelry & Novelties/ Judy Moore aka Iguana Woman Judy is a local longtime vendor who hasn’t yet been able to be with us since we moved to the Spring. She is excited to return as this is one of her favorite MS festivals! She’s happy to see all her previous customers and friends and to meet new ones!
Offering a huge selection of Celtic and non-Celtic jewelry of all styles and prices- sterling silver, pewter, stones & crystals! Also misc. collectable items, crystals and stones, pewter figurines, decor, shamrock halo crowns and much more!

JW Coastal Woodturning

Craftsman, Jay Wagnon, has lived in the South all his life. Originally from Louisiana, Jay moved to Mississippi in 2016. He began turning wood several years before retirement and quickly developed a fondness for lathe work. Today, Jay is a full-time wood turner in the Gulfport area where he lives with wife Karen.
All wooden pieces are made from donated local trees that have been damaged by either disease or natural event. Each piece of wood is hand-turned on a lathe and requires anywhere from four months to over a year to complete due to the drying process.

Jackson State University

Nita J. Ambus, Impaired Driving Coordinator from the The Alcohol/Drug Studies Center at JSU will have an informational booth answering questions about how to talk to your teens to prevent impaired driving. The Center was established in 1974 as a coordinative interdisciplinary unit at Jackson State University for the purpose of providing counseling, education, and training in the field of alcohol and drugs.   It is one of the oldest free standing programs in the State of Mississippi.

Kiltman Kilts

The best in contemporary kilts, the greatest pockets in the world, home of the Kiltman Exchange, and the internet’s top promoter of the ethic of masculinity. We’re excited to welcome Weston, MO based Kiltman back again this year. Got Kilt?

Snap Happy Face Painting

Tawny Minton has painted professionally in the metro area for seven years, is fully insured, and uses only cosmetic grade, FDA compliant makeup/paints, glitter, etc. She said she is so excited to be the official CelticFest Mississippi 2020 Facepainter!

Southern Farms

Returning to CelticFest for 2020 is Southern Farms- your chance to see Sheep & lambs up close as well as Horse Rides for a small fee. Southern Farm is a small family owned farm (mostly) run by Tiffany A. Menard, located in Perkinston, MS. They are open to the public by appointment for fee-based activities such as sheepdog demos and training seminars, horse rides, and birthday parties. People come from all over the United States to attend the sheepdog training seminars held on their beautiful farm. Please feel free to look up Southern Farm on Facebook or call/text at 228-236-6121 to schedule an event.

Steel Magnolia Handcrafted Jewelry

This Union, MS jewelry artist is returning to CelticFest her second year. Her pieces are beautiful and include celtic inspired designs with sea glass from Scotland!

Thistle Do Nicely

Affordable options for Scottish and Celtic events alike, from owners that are some of the funnest vendors out there! With Kitt Norwich (the Hottie Scottie from Edinburgh) and his wife Andi Norwich (biggest midwest smile ever) together make visiting Thistle Do Nicely Shop an entertaining and cost-effective experience. From tea towels, to t-shirts, glassware, plush toys, flags, and more! Walking into their shop is just as if you stepped into a gift shop on the High Street in any city in Scotland!

The UK Market

From way up in Michigan, we’re pleased to welcome back The UK Market- originators of the Welsh Cookie Company. As a traveling Celtic retail vendor, UK Market attends many Scottish/Irish/Celtic festivals and events across the Eastern & Southern United States.

World’s Finest Food

From the beginning of CelticFest MS all those years ago, Mr. Glover has been feeding the masses! We’re always happy to have him return because we need Fried Oreos- just sayin’!