It takes a celtic village…

gCelticFest needs YOU! Get the ‘inside scoop’ on CelticFest plus free admission to CelticFest!  If you’re a high school or college student in need of community service hours, CelticFest can help you there too.

Our volunteers are an invaluable resource for CelticFest. Volunteering is an exciting way to see our events from a different point of view, and our volunteers are deeply integrated into the festival.

The volunteer schedules are flexible, and the experience is rewarding.

If you have a fancy for food, a talent for tickets, a penchant for pulling the drinks, a trick with a t-shirt, or you’re just willing to work, we really need your help!

Volunteers are needed in the performer hospitality suite, beverage trailers,  CHS tent, gate management, set-up and take-down, dance workshop, performer check-in, etc . Shifts are assigned on a first-come/first-choice basis, so if you want a shift that puts you up close and personal with CelticFest’s exciting performers (and even more exciting staff), sign up now!

Members of Celtic Heritage Society get first choice in volunteer areas and times. Check out  the Celtic Heritage Society Info page to join. 

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