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An Irish Christmas Returns to the South

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An Irish Christmas:
Songs & Music from West Cork

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An Irish Christmas: Songs and Music from West Cork is coming to eight Southern cities, with Jackson included.

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The performance is family-fiendly, blending a mix of Irish holiday carols and songs of the songs of the season, lively Irish instrumentals on flute and fiddle for good measure. More information can be found at Legacy's website.


11 Covenant Presbyterian Church
sponsored by Celtic Heritage Society
Jackson, MS
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Tuscaloosa , AL
14 Venue TBA
sponsored by the Irish Soc. of North AL

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Huntsville, AL
15 Moonlight on the Mountain
sponsored by the AL Celtic Assn.
Birmingham, AL
16 Venue TBA
sponsored by the Baton Rouge Irish Club 
Baton Rouge , LA
17 Enoch's Irish Pub Monroe, LA
18 Venue TBA Shreveport, LA

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The Fíon Pour

Thanks to all who participated in the 6th annual Fíon Pour. We tried 16 great wines, had tasty food, and mighty craic... and have a fancy new titanium crystal wine glass. But the important part is that we raised serious money for CelticFest 2011! Doesn't charity taste good?

If you missed the Fíon Pour, don't despair. The springtime Blásta Wine Tasting will be upon us before we know it!

If you enjoyed the Tasting, be sure to thank the folks at Fenian's and Wine & Spirits for organizing and supporting this spectacular event.

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CelticFest Mississippi
Through Your Eyes

Thanks to all who shared their photos from the 2010 CelticFest Mississippi.

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CelticFest MS #19 Wrapped Up...
Share Your Photos!

Oisín Mac Diarmada &
Pádraig McGovern.
Photo by Karen Lundy

What a great weekend! Thanks to all who helped make CelticFest #19 a great success -- volunteers, staff, Ag Museum staff, sound men, all of the musicians and dancers who donate their time, the active board members who double as fest directors, all in the interest of sharing the craic.

We're looking for your photos to share on the website and possibly to use as press photos. If you have photos of the weekend that you can share, email them to CelticFestMS at gmail dot com (replace "at" with @ and "dot" with a period.) If you have a mega-special camera and lots of photos, email the above for FTP client credentials. Include your name so we can give you credit for your snaps!

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Brush Dance 2010
A photo speaking 167 words
Watch the record being set

Rinneamar an beart le chéile! The record was set in Jackson, MS at CelticFest 2010: 167 People performing the Brush Dance! If you don't believe it, watch the video (which doesn't show the people on the very fringe, the webmaster included there)

Máirtín de Cógáin had it in his mind to set a world record --even a universe record-- in Jackson MS Saturday night during the Céilí Mór. He got the idea a week before the festival in 2009, so the organizers said, "Nah!" So he bided his time and waited until 3 weeks before the 2010 festival (hey, it's not last minute). The Jackson Irish Dancers got on board with the project, and scoured the city Jackson for 100 identical new wooden brooms. These brooms were 'personalized' and sold at CelticFest Mississippi for a paltry 8 bucks to cover the cost of broom, sticker, and Sharpie.

The Brush Dance (Rince an Scuaibe, or Broom Dance) is a dance associated with the south of Ireland, performed with an ordinary broom. There's foot battering, hopping over the broom, and passing it under ones' legs.

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The previous record had been set on the side of the road in Clonakilty, Co. Cork in March of 2010 by Máirtín's brother Fionán, "nearly causing a traffic jam, with the pupils and parents of Gaelscoil Cloch na Caoilte with 139 brush dancers for Seachtain na Gaeilge 2010."

On the Friday of CelticFest MS, participation cards were designed and printed, and on the Saturday of the event, so many brooms were seen wandering around the festival grounds... and more after the first noontime workshop.... and then even more after the 5:30 workshop.

They brought brooms, dust mops, a swiffer, and even a vacuum to the Céilí Mór Saturday night, and at 10 pm, 167 dancers set the record! Máirtín reported that Jackson, MS was in the morning paper in Cork, having set the bar on the brush dance the night before. But it doesn't stop there... La Crosse and Dallas are making noises about making their own crack at the record! Jeepers!

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Top 20CelticFest a Top 20 Event

It's official -- the word has gotten out about CelticFest being a great event. The all-volunteer run festival was selected as one of the Top 20 Events in the South for a second time.


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The Mostly Monthly Céilí Series

One Sunday a month (mostly), 2-5pm
Fenian's Irish Pub, 901 E Fortification

Set Dance at Fenian's, Photo by Josh Hailey

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What is this céilí thing, anyway? Céilí (pronounced "KAY-lee") means "gathering", especially with music and dancing – but our definition is that it's good old-fashioned fun. The Mostly Monthly Ceili offers opportunities to learn Irish set and céilí dancing in an informal, relaxed setting. Sometimes our friendly local musicians join in to play live music or sing a song or three, and other times we get along with recorded music. Either way, we've never known a céilí not to be a great time!

All are welcome, regardless of age (young or young-at-heart) or experience level -- we'll walk through the dances before doing them. So bring the kids, grandma, your dancing shoes, your fiddle or whistle. Fenian's is a pub, but these are family-friendly and non-smoking events; and best of all, they're FREE (donations welcome). Fenian's kitchen and bar are open for business, so there's music, food, drink, and dancing -- all the important things in life!

The Mostly Monthly Céilí Series takes place (usually) one Sunday afternoon a month from 2-5pm. Check the CHS calendar for when the next Mostly Monthly is due.

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JID Fenian's

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CelticFest is on Facebook and Twitter!


CelticFest Mississippi receives grant funding from these institutions:
mac NEA SouthArts


Top 20


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Benefit Tastings for
CelticFest Mississippi

whiskeyWhiskey Tasting

Blasta Wine Tasting

Fion Pour


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Afraid you might be left out? There's always the CHS email list, which announces Celtic event reminders periodically. A new feature of the CelticFest website is a Google Calendar specifically for CHS events. Check the calendar here, or add it to your own Google Calendar!


Regional Celtic Calendars
Want to know what's up in Memphis, Little Rock, New Orleans, or other Southern states? The Celtic Heritage Society is cooperating with other individials and organizations to create inclusive Regional Calendars of Celtic events.


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